Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food Review

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food Review

It’s so tough to choose the right food for your dog. With so many options available, you need to do a lot of research to ensure the food you pick contains everything your dog needs. What’s more, you also have to think about whether your dog will enjoy the food. You’re back to the drawing board if your animal turns its nose up at the food you try to feed it.

Here, we’re going to examine one of the best and most popular dog foods available. By the end of this article, you should understand if Wellness CORE’s natural canned dog food has what your dog needs to stay fit and healthy.


At first sight, this dog food looks like any that you might find in a pet store. But it turns out to be quite different from most other dog foods when you take a closer look.

The Basics

You receive 12 tins each time you order of this food, with each tin containing 12.5 ounces of food. This is more than enough to create a daily portion for most dogs, though you may wish to supplement it with a small amount of dry food.

Wellness CORE has formulated this dog food so it meets the needs of any adult dog. But you will need to speak to a vet before feeding the food to a pregnant dog. Expectant mothers have more specific dietary needs which Wellness CORE may not meet on its own. The food is also not ideal for puppies, so it’s best to find a food made for puppies rather than using this food to feed young dogs.

There’s also a transitional period to keep in mind. Wellness CORE recommends mixing this food in with your dog’s current food for the first week of feeding. This allows your dog’s body to adjust to the influx of extra vitamins and nutrients it receives whenever it eats the food. By the end of the week, your dog can move onto eating 100% Wellness CORE food.

Grain Free

The subject of grain in dog food has been a contentious issue for some time. Some believe grain doesn’t harm dogs, as they would consume it in the wild through hunting. Others point to the allergies grain can cause in dogs as one of the reasons foremitting it.

Wellness CORE’s food caters to grain-opponents with a grain-free formula. You won’t have to worry about your dog suffering any adverse reactions when eating the food. Beyond that, the food is also free from the animal by-products that many dog foods contain. That means you only feed your dog premium meat.

Packed with Protein

All dogs need a lot of protein to keep their muscles strong and allow them to maintain high fitness levels, especially in their later years. Wellness CORE’s food offers 80% more protein than the average dog food.

Each tin contains a very high volume of meats, primarily from turkeys and chickens. This mixes with vegetables, and the vitamins and minerals that all dogs need to stay healthy.

Completely Natural

You won’t have to worry about man-made chemicals with Wellness CORE’s food. All of their formulas are completely natural, so there are no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors to worry about.

Beyond that, the food is also free of corn, soy, and wheat. This means your dog won’t eat anything that it wouldn’t eat out in the wild.

The Extras

Each can comes with the Wellness Guarantee, which ensures your dog receives the maximum levels of protein that the company can pack into a single can. Wellness CORE makes all of its products in North America.

Beyond that, Wellness CORE also operates a subscription service. Sign up and you receive a 5% discount on every pack of food that you buy, so you can keep your kitchen stocked and save some money on the side.


  • Packed full of protein, rather than just meeting the minimum guidelines that other dog foods stick to
  • Completely natural
  • Contains no grain
  • Free from animal by-products
  • Offers nutrient-filled meals for your dog
  • Contains prebiotics, fiber, and probiotics to promote healthy digestion
  • You can save money using the subscription service


  • Need to transition your dog onto the food
  • Costs more than the average dog food
  • Delivery quality varies
  • May trigger reactions in dogs with poultry allergies
  • Not suitable for puppies or pregnant dogs


Wellness CORE has delivered a dog food that meets every nutritional requirement an adult dog may have. The focus on natural ingredients lowers the risk of your dog experiencing allergic reactions to the food. It also means your dog gets more out of each can, so the animal will feel fit and healthy when eating Wellness CORE. Each can comes loaded with more protein than you will find in almost any other dog food in the United States.

But there are a few things to keep in mind when buying the food. It’s not suitable for young dogs or expectant mothers, both of which have specific dietary needs. You also need to spend some time transitioning your dog onto the food, which means your dog could experience some digestive issues during the first week.


So what do we think about Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food? Well, the company has gone out of its way to cater for dogs that suffer from allergic reactions. This has resulted in a great pet food that provides everything an adult dog needs to sustain its health.

But it’s the fact that Wellness CORE has gone so far above and beyond the usual all-natural route that impresses us the most. The amount of protein packed into each can will impress you, and you will notice the difference in your dog after a couple of weeks of feeding.

Persevere with the transitional period, and you’ll find your dog feels fitter and looks healthier. The food contains everything a dog needs nutritionally, though you can never account for fussy eaters. Happily, there are a few other options available if your dog turns its nose up at the flavor you buy.

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