Top Senior Dog Food Brands

Top Senior Dog Food Brands

Dog, as everyone knows, is a man’s best friend. Hence, it is just right to love them dearly. One of the ways we can show our love for our dogs is feeding them right. At a young age, a dog would need a dog food specially made for puppies. Giving milk is also recommended.

But when a dog gets older, it will need more, not just a basic dog food. Dog experts suggest that senior dogs be fed with low-calorie dog food. They have problems digesting food, so a low-calorie diet will keep them healthy as they age.

Based on the recommendation above, below are some of the best senior dog foods for 2016.

Eagle Pack Senior Adult Dog Food

This dog food contains the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat that will help adult dogs in maintaining lean muscles. It also has phosphorous and calcium to help make your dog’s bones stronger.

Dr. Tim’s Dog Food

This is a plant-based dog food which also contains a substantial quantity of chicken as the main source of protein. This is considered as a wholesome diet for adult dogs that are known to just lay and sit around your house.

It contains the right amount of fats including fibers with carbohydrates to help adult dogs maintain a healthy and happy life. This dog food also includes slow-cooked kibbles that are very digestible. Your dogs would love this for sure.

It also contains prebiotics and probiotics to enhance your dog‘s immune system. This dog food does not contain corn and soy, which some adult dogs may be allergic to.

Ultra Senior Dog Food

The main ingredient of this dog food is animal protein. A few of this brand may also contain sunflower oils and flaxseed. Both substances are excellent sources of Omega fatty acid, which promotes healthier skin and shinier coat for your dogs.

This dog food is free from corn and wheat, making it safe for adult dogs that may be allergic to them. It also has fibers. Take note though that this contains gluten meal, which is useless for adult dogs and can cause some allergies.

Innova Senior

Innova Senior is an excellent option to consider because of its protein content and various selections of dog foods. All their products include a healthy mix of vegetables, meats, and grains. Most of their dog food products also include chicken meat, which is a great source of protein for adult dogs.

Fromm Gold Holistic Senior

This dog food has the nutrients required for an adult dog. It has fewer calories and includes a great treat of lamb, duck, eggs, and cheese. It also contains chicken cartilage which can be useful in case your dog is suffering from inflammation.

This dog food also includes probiotics for better digestion and salmon oil for a healthier coat. It does not contain wheat, which is known to be a cause of allergies in dogs. This dog food is specially formulated for inactive adult dogs.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Chicken Meal Formula

This dog food contains 35% protein, which is a little high as compared to other dog food with protein in the market. This brand of dog food has one that contains duck and chicken. It also has tapioca, which is like potatoes that provide starch. It also binds food together.

This dog food also includes pumpkin seeds which are an excellent source of fiber for better digestion. The vitamin count of this dog food is also great as it contains some fruits and vegetables as ingredients.

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural

This dog food is great for being grain-free. Also, the protein content of this dog food is recorded at 38%, which proves that it can be a great source of energy for your pet. The main ingredients of this dog food are chicken and turkey.

Hence, this dog food is an excellent source of protein. It also contains potatoes which adult dogs can digest easily. This dog food also has chicken fat with whitefish meal, which are both great sources of vitamins, protein boost, and omega fatty acids.

This dog food also contains various vegetables and fruits which are known to be good for adult dogs. Minerals are also present in this dog food, but other brands include more digestible contents.

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