The Best Diet For Your Dog: Which Dog Food Has The Most Protein?

The best diet for your dog which dog food has the most protein

If you have a pet dog, you need to learn about the best diet for your dog.  Giving the best diet to your dog is the ideal way to keep your pet lively, healthy, and free from low immunity issues.

However, the fact is that the best diet for the dogs may vary from one breed to another and dogs sometimes show their strange prerogative about certain types of food. In these cases, you need to know “what dog food has the most protein” so that you can plan your dog’s diet incorporating those food items.

Why protein food is needed for dogs

Protein is one of the most important food ingredients of a dog’s diet as adequate supply of protein helps dogs in avoiding some major health issues. It has been observed globally that the dogs fed with inadequate supply of protein often suffer from some protein deficiency issues like:

  • Low energy problem
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Heavy shedding of coat or rough coat
  • Some skin problems may occur
  • Dogs often show behavioral problems
  • Deformed or weak bones
  • Slow-curing wounds
  • Low immunity causing problem of loose motion, fever, etc.

Therefore, it is important for a dog owner like you to understand and identify the common sources of protein so that you can you can plan your dog’s diet accordingly.  This protein-rich diet will help your furbaby to stay happy, active, and vibrant.

The best protein sources for a dog’s diet

Meat and fish are the best protein sources available in the market and they are already identified as great sources of healthy protein. If you want to plan protein-rich diet, you may count on fish, chicken, turkey, beef, venison,eggs,and liver for your dog’s diet.

You should not stuff all these high-protein ingredients in the diet every day, but you can plan to add any of these ingredients one by one in the diet so that the dog gets all-round protein products to eat and develops excellent internal and external growth. However, you need to buy from authentic retail outlets so that the quality of these protein products is never compromised.

Meat meal is highly recommended for dogs

Irrespective of the dog’s size, meat meals are always the best food for dogs. They are reliable source for animal protein and are prepared by drying meat in a way that the internal water of the meat gets completely evaporated. The leftover portion contains loads of protein and other nutrients that dogs find tasteful for eating and it helps these fur babies to grow faster and makes them healthy.

Some of the popular versions of meat meals widely recommended for dogs are bone and meat meal, chicken meat meal, egg chicken meal, lamb meal, duck meal, beef meal, turkey meal, buffalo meal, etc. However, before serving these meals to your dog, you need to check if the dog likes them and can digest them properly.

Meat by-products are not recommended

Although meat by-products are cheaply available, they are not good for dogs. These by-products may contain unhealthy components such as hair, feathers, claw, beaks, etc. If the animal was diseased and meat by-product is made of the flesh of a diseased animal, there is high chance that the dog will get sick. Therefore, it is always wise to avoid these cheap meat products for your dog’s food even if these are high in protein.

Proteins you should avoid for dog’s food

Plant proteins should not be used for dog’s food. For that reason you must not include corn, gluten, and wheat in your dog’s diet. Soybean is a good plant protein and vets prefer soybean to be added in dogs’ diet in moderate quantity but there are several dogs that do not prefer to eat soybean.

There are several proteins that can be added in a dog’s diet and you can select them according to your choice and your dog’s preference. However, if you plan your dog’s diet indiscriminately, you may fail to offer your dog the best protein diet it is supposed to get.

It has been observed that excessive high-protein diets may induce obesity in dogs and they may alsocause unusual bone joints which may cause arthritis in later stages of their lives.  Therefore, it is wise to trust readymade diets from a reputed food manufacture.Those diets contain protein and other nutrients ina balanced ratio and you will not have to worry about “what dog food has the most protein.”

How to select best protein diet for your dog

There are wide varieties ofprotein diets for dogs but you need to select it according to the breed you have. Before you shop for protein diet for your dog, you need to decide whether you prefer dry protein foods or wet protein foods. Before purchase, check if:

  • The protein diet is manufactured by reputed brand
  • The ingredients are free of steroids
  • It containslots of amino acid
  • The calorie consumption of the dog after having the meal is within the limit

If you cannot decide by yourself about the best protein diet for your dog, you may consult your vet or you may conduct online search for getting information.

This is all about finding the protein-rich diet for your dogs. However, you must understand that dogs need constant supply of protein in their diet otherwise there is high chance that they will suffer from irritating moods, slow growth, low level of energy, poor immunity system and slow digestive system .

Too much protein may cause problems for your dog too. Therefore, it is better to go by a selection of the protein foods that you find good for your dog. In fact, serving the right protein-based food is the way to keep your pet hale and hearty in a natural way.

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