PEDIGREE® Complete Nutrition Adult Review

PEDIGREE® Complete Nutrition Adult Review

The adult stage of the dog is the longest, and a good food plan is essential. Sustained intake of one type (or another)kind of food generates long-term effects, which can both be good and bad.

PEDIGREE® Complete Nutrition Adult is formulated to help your pet eat very well and stay healthy throughout its life.

This food contains a perfect balance of the good nutrition of the dog. It starts with high protein content which is essential for the formation of muscle mass—this is also helpful for carrying the oxygen into the blood.

It contains fats, a source of fatty acids, which are good for helping the development of the metabolism and vitamin absorption. The product has vitamins and minerals that are helpful for the proper absorption of fats and carbohydrates.

There’s a high percentage of fiber, which is ideal for good digestive health. Let’s see what other characteristics make this food an excellent option for your dog once it reaches its adulthood:


There are notable ingredients in this dog food. Soybean meal is one of the sources of proteins in this product. Unlike meat and its derivatives, the cholesterol produced in the pet’s body is the so-called good cholesterol. This prevents clogging of the arteries and prevents the animal from developing heart problems.

The food has a good amount of elements of the B complex. This particular vitamin prevents stress in the pet, helping it to always maintain a good mood and vitality.

Folic acid is another benefit of this product. This prevents any malformation of the cells, especially in the stages of pregnancy. It also helps the cell growth, allowing the correct development of the coat and the claws.

Finally, it helps the absorption of iron in the blood, which is vital to maintaining the correct hemoglobin levels. Let’s see what else:

  • The nutrient content is 21.0% (max) of crude protein, 10.0% (Min) of crude fat and 69.0% of carbohydrates
  • The maximum moisture rate is 12.0%
  • It is also vitamin rich, containing Min 200 Iu/kg of Vitamin E, 200 mg/kg of Niacin and Min 30 mg/kg of Pyridoxine
  • It has a 4.0% (Max) of fiber
  • The minimal Linoleic Acid rate is 2.5%. This is the main source of the Omega 6 Fatty Acid
  • Regarding the minerals, the minimal percentages are 1.0% Calcium, 0.8% Phosphorus, Mg/kg Cooper and 200 Mg/kg Zinc
  • The product meets all the AAFCO requirements



It contains an excellent protein and fat count. The ideal proportion of these foods in a dog’s diet is 40%. Remember that, as a canine, the dog’s body expects the main source of protein to come from this kind of food. PEDIGREE® Complete Nutrition Adult has this amount.

Omega 6 fattyacid:

The linoleic acid is the most important fatty acid to maintain the pet’s skin healthy and a brighter coat. It also helps to prevent some skin diseases like the seborrhea

Helps to keep the dog’s teeth in shape:

Due to the consistency of the kibbles, the stain disposed on teeth will be removed by friction, just by chewing the product

Prevents Osteoporosis:

It has the appropriate amount of calcium.

Eases digestion:

The fiber count, provided mainly by the dried peas will help to maintain a healthy intestine and to perform a smooth digestion

A better immunity system:

This product is a leader in terms of E vitamins. This is a strong antioxidant; an important element which enhances body’s immunity and helps prevent diseases. This vitamin is also helpful for keeping a good skin


  • Minerals listed are not chelated, and could be more difficult to absorb
  • This food is preserved with BHA. The element is suspected of producing cancer problems
  • Is artificially colored, and in general colorants’ presence is not recommended. This is for marketing purposes to attract the customer; the dog doesn’t care about this.


This food has the ideal proportion of fats, proteins, fibers and vegetables needed by the pet to develop into a healthy adult. The care taken when selecting alternative protein sources allows the dog to get all the energy it needs, but avoid many conditions that can be derived from some more harmful foods.

The fiber and the presence of the vegetables in the composition allow a better balance in the diet, much better than if it was based only on meat products.

The product has a careful selection of vitamins, acids and minerals supplements. These are involved in the proper development of many functions of the body, including metabolism, growth, immune system, mood and dental health. This food has definitely been thought as fulfilling all the needs of the pet, from an alimentary point of view.


There are some other options in the market when you’re considering the right choice for your dog’s diet. They are well-developed products, but let’s put an eye on one of them:

Purina® ONE SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food assures that real lamb is the first ingredient of the formula.

It also contains Omega 6 and glucosamine (good for the joints). One thing that calls attention is that the brand promises a very good digestion for the dog.

When we look at the product’s ingredients, we find that fiber is only 3%. Plus, if the first ingredient is real meat as they say, is also more difficult for the dog to digest.

Another controversial ingredient found in this food formula is garlic, which has been related to the Heinz body anemia in dogs. Finally, the K vitamin contained in it is caused by the presence of menadione. This one is linked to some allergies, liver diseases and the breaking down of red cells.

The Verdict

When we look at the characteristics of the products, we must consider the presence of negative elements for the dog’s body.

Certain ingredients directly associated with diseases diagnosed in dogs, in a product, make us think that perhaps is not the best. Basing the pet’s diet on a product that is potentially dangerous is not a good idea.

PEDIGREE® Complete Nutrition Adult, of course, has its positives and negatives, but itis a food that provides a healthy diet for the animal.

We must remember that this product is an ally of your pet, and you must feed it properly to prevent future health complications. Remember to consult with the veterinarian in case your pet has some special requirements.

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